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Community Relations

Series 1000
Concepts and Roles BP 1000.00
Youth Services BP 1020.00
Powers To Promote Advancement Of Education BP 1030.00
Communication With The Public BP 1100.00
Media Relations BP 1112.00
County Board Of Education Meetings BP 1120.00
Political Processes BP 1160.00
Visits To The Schools/Programs BP 1250.00
Uniform Complaint Procedures BP 1312.00
     Uniform Complaint Procedures for Discrimination and St/Fed Regulations Concerns    BR 1312.01
          Uniform Complaint Form      BE 1312.01a
          Uniform Complaint Procedure-Staff/Student Annual Notice Brochure      BE 1312.01b
          Title 5, Section 4650 - Basis of Direct State Intervention      BE 1312.01c
     Uniform Complaint Procedures for Instr Materials/Facilities/Teacher Cert/CAHSEE    BR 1312.02
          Williams/Valenzuela Notice and Complaint Form      BE 1312.02a
          Williams/Valenzuela Notice and Complaint Form (Spanish)      BE 1312.02b
General Complaint Procedures BP 1312.03
     General Complaint Procedures    BR 1312.03
Solicitation of Funds From/By Students In Programs Offered By The County Board BP 1321.00
Advertising And Promotion In Programs Offered By The County Board BP 1325.00
Use Of School Facilities BP 1330.00
     Use Of School Facilities    BR 1330.00
Access to County Office Records BP 1340.00
     Access To County Office Records    BR 1340.00
Local Agencies BP 1410.00
Waivers BP 1431.00