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Community Relations

Series 1000
Media Relations SP 1112.00
Use of Volunteers SP 1240.00
     Using Classroom Volunteers    SR 1240.01
Uniform Complaint Procedures SP 1312.00
          Basis of Direct State Intervention      SE 1312.00a
     Uniform Complaint Procedures    SR 1312.01
Use of Facilities SP 1330.00
          Facilities Use Request and Agreement Form      SE 1330.00a
          Facilities Use Agreement (NCSIG)      SE 1330.00b
     Using Facilities    SR 1330.01
     Cedar Building Room Capacity/Fee Schedule/House Rules    SR 1330.02
     Procedure for Use of Cedar Building Facility    SR 1330.03
     Computer Lab (Birch Building) Fee Schedule/House Rules    SR 1330.04
     Mobile Lab Fee Schedule/House Rules    SR 1330.05