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Business and Operations

Series 3000
Concepts and Roles BP 3000.00
Development of Budget Documents BP 3100.00
Transfer of Funds Between Categories; Amendments BP 3111.00
Expenditures of California Lottery Funds BP 3220.01
Forest Reserve Funds BP 3230.00
Sale/Disposal of Books, Equipment and Supplies (Personal Property) BP 3270.00
Gifts, Grants, and Bequests BP 3290.00
Revolving Fund BP 3314.02
Relations With Vendors BP 3315.00
Audits BP 3400.00
Periodic Financial Reports BP 3460.00
Equipment BP 3512.00
          Equipment Loan Form      BE 3512.00a
Tobacco-Free Schools/Smoking BP 3513.03
Environmental Safety BP 3514.00
School/Program Safety and Security BP 3515.00
Intruders On Campus BP 3515.02
Insurance Management BP 3530.00
School-Related Trips/Programs Operated By The County Board BP 3541.01
          School Driver Certification Form      BE 3541.01a