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Series 4000
Concepts and Roles SP 4000.00
Employee Purchasing Limitations SP 4002.00
Nondiscrimination in Employment SP 4030.00
Highly Qualified Teachers (Certificated) SP 4035.00
Sexual Harassment SP 4040.00
     Sexual Harassment    SR 4040.00
Code Of Ethics SP 4102.00
Professional Code Of Ethics (Certificated) SP 4103.00
Standards for the Workplace SP 4104.00
Employee Name Use and Official Name Change SP 4107.00
Affirmative Action SP 4111.00
Employment References SP 4113.00
     Employment References    SR 4113.01
Signed Statements SP 4114.00
Evaluation/Supervision of Management/Confidential SP 4115.00
Staff Development (Certificated) SP 4116.00
     Staff Development    SR 4116.01
Resignations SP 4118.00
          Resignation Form      SE 4118.00a
Health Examinations/Tuberculosis Clearance SP 4121.00
          Certificate of Medical Examination      SE 4121.00a
     Health Examination    SR 4121.01
     Tuberculosis Clearance    SR 4121.02
Infectious Disease Control SP 4122.00
Employees With Infectious Diseases SP 4123.00
Criminal Offender Record Information SP 4126.00
          Request for Live Scan Service (Fingerprinting)      SE 4126.00a
Highly Qualified Classified Paraprofessionals SP 4129.00
Employee Security SP 4158.00
     Employee Security    SR 4158.01
Health, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance Benefits SP 4540.00
          Blue Shield Employee Application      SE 4540.00a
          Blue Shield Subscriber Change Request      SE 4540.00b
          Dental Plan Application Form      SE 4540.00c
          Vision Plan Application Form      SE 4540.00d
          Life Insurance Application Form      SE 4540.00e
          COBRA form      SE 4540.00f
     Staywell Overview (EOC)    SR 4540.01
     Staywell Descriptions    SR 4540.02
     Dental Overview (EOC)    SR 4540.04
     Dental Plan Definitions    SR 4540.05
     Dental Administrative Descriptions and Procedures    SR 4540.06
     Vision Plan Description and Procedures    SR 4540.07
     Open Enrollment    SR 4540.08
     Life Insurance Benefits    SR 4540.09
     Continuation Coverage    SR 4540.10
Leaves and Vacations SP 4600.00
          Time-Off Request      SE 4600.00a
          Leave Request      SE 4600.00b
     Classified Employee Leave and Vacation Requests    SR 4600.01
     Sick Leave    SR 4600.02
     Leave for Medical and Dental Appointments (Classified)    SR 4600.03
     Returning to Work with Medical Restrictions    SR 4600.04
     Personal Necessity Leave    SR 4600.05
     Vacation and Holidays (Classified)    SR 4600.06
     Bereavement Leave    SR 4600.07
     Jury Duty/Witness Leave    SR 4600.08
     Unpaid Leaves    SR 4600.09
Catastrophic Leave SP 4610.00
          Catastrophic Leave Request (Experimental Form)      SE 4610.00a
          CSL Donation Authorization      SE 4610.00b
Military Leave SP 4615.00
     Military Leave    SR 4615.01