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Series 5000
Concepts and Roles BP 5000.00
Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services BP 5020.00
     Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services    BR 5020.00
Student Wellness BP 5030.00
Student Medication BP 5035.00
     Student Medication Administration    BR 5035.00
          Checklist and Form for Staff to Assist Student with Self-Administration of Meds      BE 5035.00a
          Checklist and Form for Student Independent Self-Medication      BE 5035.00b
          Checklist For School Activity and Field Trip      BE 5035.00c
Open Campus BP 5112.05
     Open Campus    BR 5112.05
Pomotion/Acceleration/Retention BP 5123.00
     Promotion/Acceleration/Retention    BR 5123.00
Student Records; Confidentiality; Record and Grade Challenges BP 5125.00
     Student Records; Confidentiality; Record and Grade Challenges    BR 5125.00
          Publicity Authorization and Release      BE 5125.00a
     Student Information Release to Military Recruiters    BR 5125.01
          Parent Authorization      BE 5125.01a
          Student Authorization      BE 5125.01b
Transfer of Pupil Records to Charter Schools BP 5125.02
Alcohol and Other Drugs BP 5131.01
Skateboards, Scooters, Rollerblades/Skates, & Bicycles on COE Property/Campuses BP 5131.03
Positive School Climate BP 5137.00
Health BP 5141.00
Infectious Diseases BP 5141.22
Infectious Disease Prevention BP 5141.23
Tuberculosis Testing BP 5141.26
     Tuberculosis Testing    BR 5141.26
School District Expulsion Appeals BP 5144.03
     School District Expulsion Appeals    BR 5144.03
          Instructions Memo to Appellant      BE 5144.03a
          Expulsion Appeal and Request for Hearing      BE 5144.03b
          Request for Transcript and Support Documents from School District      BE 5144.03c
          Expulsion Appeal Handbook      BE 5144.03d
          Expellable Actions      BE 5144.03e
          Expulsion and Appeal Timelines      BE 5144.03f
          Expulsion Hearing Compliance Checklist      BE 5144.03g
          Expulsion Checklist for Special Education Student      BE 5144.03h
          Parent/Guardian Packet for Expulsion Appeal      BE 5144.03i
Privacy BP 5145.01
Freedom of Speech/Expression/Assembly: Publications Code BP 5145.02
Nondiscrimination BP 5145.03
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 BP 5145.04
     Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973    BR 5145.04
          Bullying, Intimidation and/or Harassment      BE 5145.05
          Bullying and/or Intimidation Complaint Form      BE 5145.05a
          Education Code 234-234.5 Anti-Bullying/Harassment      BE 5145.05b
          Board Policy on Bullying/Anti-Intimidation      BE 5145.05c
Sexual Harassment Policy BP 5145.07
          Sexual Harassment Complaints      BE 5145.07
Student Access to Networked Information Resources BP 5145.09
     Student Access to Networked Information Resources    BR 5145.09
          Student Internet Use Agreement      BE 5145.09a
Questioning and Apprehension BP 5145.11
Court Community Schools and Alternative Education Programs-CalSAFE BP 5146.00
Dropout Prevention BP 5147.00
Interdistrict Attendance BP 5217.00
     Interdistrict Attendance Appeals    BR 5217.00
          Interdistrict Attendance Appeals      BE 5217.00
          Interdistrict Attendance Appeals Before the Board      BE 5217.00a
          Interdistrict Attendance Transfer Appeal Request      BE 5217.00b