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Series 5000
Alcohol and Other Drugs SP 5131.00
Dress and Grooming SP 5132.00
     Dress and Grooming    SR 5132.01
Gang Activity SP 5136.00
     Gang Activity    SR 5136.01
Positive School Climate SP 5137.00
Safe Ingress/Egress of Students/Parents/Staff SP 5142.00
Discipline SP 5144.00
          Student Handbook      SE 5144.00a
          Student Information Release Form      SE 5201.00a
Sexual Harassment SP 5202.00
     Sexual Harassment    SR 5202.01
Internet Content Filtering SP 5206.00
          Internet Content Filtering Bypass Guidelines      SE 5206.00a
     Internet Bypass Guidelines    SR 5206.01
     Internet Content Filter Override Notification/Site Review    SR 5206.02
Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process SP 5243.00
     Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process    SR 5243.01