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Series 0000
Concepts and Roles BP 0000.00
Goals of the County Board of Education BP 0200.00
Annual Review of Goals BP 0201.00
Nondiscrimination BP 0410.00
School-Based Management/Site Councils BP 0420.00
Comprehensive Safety Plan BP 0450.00
     Comprehensive Safety Plan    BR 0450.00

Community Relations

Series 1000
Concepts and Roles BP 1000.00
Youth Services BP 1020.00
Powers To Promote Advancement Of Education BP 1030.00
Communication With The Public BP 1100.00
Media Relations BP 1112.00
County Board Of Education Meetings BP 1120.00
Political Processes BP 1160.00
Visits To The Schools/Programs BP 1250.00
Uniform Complaint Procedures BP 1312.00
     Uniform Complaint Procedures for Discrimination and St/Fed Regulations Concerns    BR 1312.01
          Uniform Complaint Form      BE 1312.01a
          Uniform Complaint Procedure-Staff/Student Annual Notice Brochure      BE 1312.01b
          Title 5, Section 4650 - Basis of Direct State Intervention      BE 1312.01c
     Uniform Complaint Procedures for Instr Materials/Facilities/Teacher Cert/CAHSEE    BR 1312.02
          Williams/Valenzuela Notice and Complaint Form      BE 1312.02a
          Williams/Valenzuela Notice and Complaint Form (Spanish)      BE 1312.02b
General Complaint Procedures BP 1312.03
     General Complaint Procedures    BR 1312.03
Solicitation of Funds From/By Students In Programs Offered By The County Board BP 1321.00
Advertising And Promotion In Programs Offered By The County Board BP 1325.00
Use Of School Facilities BP 1330.00
     Use Of School Facilities    BR 1330.00
Access to County Office Records BP 1340.00
     Access To County Office Records    BR 1340.00
Local Agencies BP 1410.00
Waivers BP 1431.00


Series 2000
County Superintendent's Compensation BP 2124.00
County Superintendent's Travel and Expenditures BP 2125.00
Administrative Leeway in Absence of Governing Board Policy BP 2210.00
Charter Schools BP 2300.00
     Charter Schools    BR 2300.00
          Charter School Petitions and Appeals Timelines      BE 2300.00a
Direct Charter Schools BP 2301.00
Countywide Charter Schools BP 2302.00
District Charter Petitions on Appeal BP 2303.00
Special Education Requirements for all Charter Schools BP 2304.00
Fiscal Accountability for all Charter Schools BP 2305.00

Business and Operations

Series 3000
Concepts and Roles BP 3000.00
Development of Budget Documents BP 3100.00
Transfer of Funds Between Categories; Amendments BP 3111.00
Expenditures of California Lottery Funds BP 3220.01
Forest Reserve Funds BP 3230.00
Sale/Disposal of Books, Equipment and Supplies (Personal Property) BP 3270.00
Gifts, Grants, and Bequests BP 3290.00
Revolving Fund BP 3314.02
Relations With Vendors BP 3315.00
Audits BP 3400.00
Periodic Financial Reports BP 3460.00
Equipment BP 3512.00
          Equipment Loan Form      BE 3512.00a
Tobacco-Free Schools/Smoking BP 3513.03
Environmental Safety BP 3514.00
School/Program Safety and Security BP 3515.00
Intruders On Campus BP 3515.02
Insurance Management BP 3530.00
School-Related Trips/Programs Operated By The County Board BP 3541.01
          School Driver Certification Form      BE 3541.01a


Series 4000
Designated Authority for Temporary County Certificates (TCC) BP 4010.00
Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace BP 4020.00
Political Activities of Employees BP 4119.25
     Political Activities of Employees    BR 4119.25
Staff Development BP 4131.00
Weapons and Dangerous Instruments BP 4131.07
     Weapons and Dangerous Instruments    BR 4131.07
Publication Or Creation of Materials BP 4132.00
Complaints Concerning Employees BP 4144.00
          Complaints Concerning Employees      BE 4144.00


Series 5000
Concepts and Roles BP 5000.00
Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services BP 5020.00
     Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services    BR 5020.00
Student Wellness BP 5030.00
Student Medication BP 5035.00
     Student Medication Administration    BR 5035.00
          Checklist and Form for Staff to Assist Student with Self-Administration of Meds      BE 5035.00a
          Checklist and Form for Student Independent Self-Medication      BE 5035.00b
          Checklist For School Activity and Field Trip      BE 5035.00c
Open Campus BP 5112.05
     Open Campus    BR 5112.05
Pomotion/Acceleration/Retention BP 5123.00
     Promotion/Acceleration/Retention    BR 5123.00
Student Records; Confidentiality; Record and Grade Challenges BP 5125.00
     Student Records; Confidentiality; Record and Grade Challenges    BR 5125.00
          Publicity Authorization and Release      BE 5125.00a
     Student Information Release to Military Recruiters    BR 5125.01
          Parent Authorization      BE 5125.01a
          Student Authorization      BE 5125.01b
Transfer of Pupil Records to Charter Schools BP 5125.02
Alcohol and Other Drugs BP 5131.01
Skateboards, Scooters, Rollerblades/Skates, & Bicycles on COE Property/Campuses BP 5131.03
Positive School Climate BP 5137.00
Health BP 5141.00
Infectious Diseases BP 5141.22
Infectious Disease Prevention BP 5141.23
Tuberculosis Testing BP 5141.26
     Tuberculosis Testing    BR 5141.26
School District Expulsion Appeals BP 5144.03
     School District Expulsion Appeals    BR 5144.03
          Instructions Memo to Appellant      BE 5144.03a
          Expulsion Appeal and Request for Hearing      BE 5144.03b
          Request for Transcript and Support Documents from School District      BE 5144.03c
          Expulsion Appeal Handbook      BE 5144.03d
          Expellable Actions      BE 5144.03e
          Expulsion and Appeal Timelines      BE 5144.03f
          Expulsion Hearing Compliance Checklist      BE 5144.03g
          Expulsion Checklist for Special Education Student      BE 5144.03h
          Parent/Guardian Packet for Expulsion Appeal      BE 5144.03i
Privacy BP 5145.01
Freedom of Speech/Expression/Assembly: Publications Code BP 5145.02
Nondiscrimination BP 5145.03
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 BP 5145.04
     Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973    BR 5145.04
          Bullying, Intimidation and/or Harassment      BE 5145.05
          Bullying and/or Intimidation Complaint Form      BE 5145.05a
          Education Code 234-234.5 Anti-Bullying/Harassment      BE 5145.05b
          Board Policy on Bullying/Anti-Intimidation      BE 5145.05c
Sexual Harassment Policy BP 5145.07
          Sexual Harassment Complaints      BE 5145.07
Student Access to Networked Information Resources BP 5145.09
     Student Access to Networked Information Resources    BR 5145.09
          Student Internet Use Agreement      BE 5145.09a
Questioning and Apprehension BP 5145.11
Court Community Schools and Alternative Education Programs-CalSAFE BP 5146.00
Dropout Prevention BP 5147.00
Interdistrict Attendance BP 5217.00
     Interdistrict Attendance Appeals    BR 5217.00
          Interdistrict Attendance Appeals      BE 5217.00
          Interdistrict Attendance Appeals Before the Board      BE 5217.00a
          Interdistrict Attendance Transfer Appeal Request      BE 5217.00b


Series 6000
Concepts and Roles BP 6000.00
Parent Involvement BP 6020.00
     Parent Involvement    BR 6020.00
Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness Plan BP 6114.00
Ceremonies and Observances BP 6115.00
Classroom Interruptions BP 6116.00
Homework BP 6140.00
     Homework Plan    BR 6140.00
Curriculum Development and Design BP 6141.00
Recognitions of Religious Beliefs and Customs BP 6141.02
Family Life Education BP 6142.01
AIDS Instruction BP 6142.02
Sexual Activity BP 6142.03
Courses Of Study BP 6143.00
Controversial Issues BP 6144.00
Extracurricular and Cocurricular Activities BP 6145.00
Student Organizations BP 6145.05
High School Graduation Requirements BP 6146.01
     High School Graduation Requirements/Standards of Proficiency    BR 6146.01
Certificate Of Proficiency/High School Equivalency BP 6146.02
Differential Graduation and Competency Standards BP 6146.04
Eighth-Grade Graduation Requirements/Standards Of Proficiency BP 6146.05
     Eight-Grade Graduation Requirements/Standards of Proficiency    BR 6146.05
Independent Study Program BP 6158.00
     Independent Study Program    BR 6158.00
          Master Agreement for Independent Study      BE 6158.00a
          Independent Study Student Assignment and Work Record      BE 6158.00b
Selection And Evaluation Of Instructional Materials BP 6161.01
Toxic Art Supplies BP 6161.03
Use Of Copyright Materials BP 6162.06
High School Exit Examination (HSEE) BP 6162.52
          Parent/Guardian HSEE Waiver Request      BE 6162.52a
          Principal HSEE Waiver      BE 6162.52b
Animals on Campus and at Work BP 6163.02
     Animals on Campus and at Work    BR 6163.02
Chapter I Programs BP 6171.00

New Construction

Series 7000
Concepts and Roles BP 7000.00
Facilities Plan BP 7100.00
Determining Needs BP 7110.00
Evaluating Existing Buildings BP 7111.00

Bylaws of the Board

Series 9000
Role of Board and Members (Powers, Purposes, Duties) BP 9000.00
Public Statements BP 9010.00
Disclosure of Confidential Information BP 9011.00
Number of Members; Trustee Areas BP 9110.00
          Trustee Areas Map      BE 9110.00a
Officers and Auxiliary Personnel BP 9120.00
President BP 9121.00
Secretary BP 9122.00
Vice President BP 9123.00
Attorney BP 9124.00
Board Committees BP 9130.00
Board Representative(s) BP 9140.00
County Committee on School District Reorganization BP 9141.00
Members Limits of Authority BP 9200.00
County Board Elections BP 9220.00
Resignation BP 9222.00
Filling Vacancies BP 9223.00
Orientation BP 9230.00
Board Development BP 9240.00
Remuneration, Reimbursement, and Other Benefits BP 9250.00
          Remuneration for Absent Board Member      BE 9250.00a
Legal Protection BP 9260.00
Conflict of Interest BP 9270.00
Code of Ethics BP 9271.00
Governance BP 9300.00
Maintenance of and Access to Board Policies, Bylaws and Related Materials BP 9310.00
Formulation, Adoption, Amendment, and Repeal of Board Policies, Bylaws, and Regs BP 9311.00
Meetings and Notices BP 9320.00
          Government Code 54954 Provisions Regarding Meetings Outside District Boundaries      BE 9320.00a
Closed Session -- Purposes, Agendas and Procedures BP 9321.00
Agenda/Meeting Materials BP 9322.00
Meeting Conduct BP 9323.00
          Meeting Conduct; Suggested Protocols for Board Members      BE 9323.00a
Actions By The Board BP 9323.02
          Actions Requiring More Than A Majority Vote      BE 9323.02a
Board Minutes and Recordings BP 9324.00
Membership In Associations BP 9330.00
Board Self-Evaluation BP 9400.00