Mendocino County Board of Education

The Mendocino County Board of Education derives its powers from the Constitution of California (Article 9, Section 7) and from California Education Code. The Mendocino County Board of Education consists of five trustees based on the Mendocino County Supervisorial Districts. Board members are elected to four-year terms and must reside in their respective trustee areas. A president and a vice-president are elected by the Board at its annual organizational meeting in December. A quorum of three members is required to conduct official business.


The County Board of Education is committed to providing the leadership necessary to meet the educational needs of a multicultural and diverse student population to increase student success. Click here to view the Board of Education's Goals.

Board Meeting Time and Place

Regular meetings of the board are typically held the second Monday of each month at 10:00 a.m. The meetings are held throughout the county, check the board calendar for dates and locations.

Board Meeting Procedures

All Board actions authorized or required by state law must take place in open session to give the public an opportunity to be heard. Board members are to receive agendas and related materials in advance of each meeting, allowing time for preparation. Agendas and other board materials are available to the public at the meeting. Agendas must be posted at the County Office building 72 hours before the meeting.

How to Address the Board

Government Code provides that every agenda for regular and special meetings must provide an opportunity for members of the public to address the Board on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board. No action shall be taken on any item not appearing on the agenda unless it is a continued matter or the board finds by a two-thirds vote that the need to take action arose and came to its attention subsequent to the posting of the meeting agenda. The Board may direct staff to place matters on future agendas. The public may address the Board during the agenda item Remarks from the Public or during the Board's consideration of an item on the agenda. The president of the Board may regulate the length of public comments.

Board Responsibilities

In accordance with the California Education Code and other regulations and laws, the Mendocino County Board of Education serves as the governing board for the schools and programs operated by the County Superintendent of Schools. The board also:

  • Approves policies, regulations and curriculum for the schools and educational programs operated by the County Superintendent of Schools.
  • Adopts policies and regulations governing the Office of the County Superintendent of Schools.
  • Approves the annual budget of the County Superintendent of Schools and sets the Superintendent's salary.
  • Receives the annual audit.
  • Maintains an awareness of financial conditions and operations of school districts in the county.
  • Approves the purchase or lease of property for County Office programs.
  • Acts as the County Committee on School District Organization which reviews proposed changes in school district boundaries and trustee areas.
  • Serves as an appeal board for the adjudication of expulsion appeals, interdistrict attendance appeals, and Charter Schools.
  • Informs local communities about the programs and achievements of the County Office of Education.

Program Liaisons

These are non-decision making teams that share a relationship with the county board. Liaisons meet regularly with the individual department staff and provide a report to the full board during their regularly scheduled board meetings.

Program Liaisons for 2014:

Administrative Services

Stephanie Stratford Hoy, Camille Schraeder

Alternative Education

Camille Schraeder, Mary Misseldine


Donald Cruser

Career Technical Education (CTE)

Charline Ford, Mary Misseldine

Special Education

Stephanie Stratford Hoy

Area 1 - Camille Schraeder
Camille Schraeder Potter Valley, Redwood Valley, Talmage. Term Expires 2017
Area 2 - Mary Misseldine
Mary Misseldine
Ukiah. Term Expires 2017
Area 3 - Charline Ford
Charline Ford Covelo, Laytonville, Willits.
Term Expires 2015
Area 4 - Stephanie Stratford Hoy
Stephanie Stratford Hoy Leggett, Westport, Ft. Bragg.
Term Expires 2015
Area 5 - Donald Cruser
Donald Cruser  Mendocino, Manchester, Pt Arena, Navarro, Philo, Boonville, Hopland. Term Expires 2017
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