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Preschool Staff

Your Preschool Staff bring a unique set of experiences, education and skills to the classroom. We are committed to quality early childhood education. Qualified staff hold the appropriate credentials/permits as required by the State of California. We support continued professional growth, have sound internal communications and provide training, support and information to ensure a competent teaching team.

Parent Involvement

Parents are highly encouraged to participate regularly in the classroom or other activities whenever possible. There are many ways a parent may be involved in the preschool program. Refer to the Parent Handbook for additional information.

Program Evaluation System

The State Preschool program is funded by the California Department of Education, Child Development Division which requires an annual evaluation of child care and development services with the Desired Results. The Desired Results system documents the progress made by children and families and serves to increase program quality standards. The Desired Results system uses the following four tools to evaluate the program annually:
  1. The Developmental Profile (DRDP-PS) is completed twice a year, assesses the developmental level of each child and is used to plan activities & curriculum.
  2. The Parent Survey is completed once a year, giving the program access to information about parents and their level of satisfaction.
  3. The Environmental Rating Scale, Revised Edition (ECERS-R) measures the implementation of program quality standards once a year.
  4. The Contract Monitoring Review document is used to ensure the program meets all state and federal requirements.
Please refer to the Parent Handbook for additional information.

Parent Education and Parent Advisory Committee

Parent input into our program is vital. Ongoing, open communication enables us to work together to solve problems, adjust to changes and improve the program. Parents are invited to participate on the Parent Advisory Committee. This committee will address such issues as special event planning, policies and procedures and parent education plans. This committee functions in an advisory capacity. Parent Education meetings are held several times during the year on topics of interest to the parents. Parent meetings are an opportunity to learn about children's development and a chance to discuss parenting strategies and their effectiveness.

Food and Nutrition Program

The Food Program at preschool is an important part of preschool and is designed to provide nutritious meals and/or snacks for your child. The menus are posted in the classrooms. Meals are served family style and children are encouraged to serve themselves. Our goal is to provide low fat, low sugar meals. If your child has a special food need, food allergy or diet restriction, please let the staff know.

Health Policies

At least one staff member on site is CPR and First-Aid certified. Children will have a visual health check daily. Please refer to the Parent Handbook for further details.

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