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Infants & Toddlers

The Early Start Infant Program is a federally funded program that provides assessment and intervention services to children from birth through two years of age. The philosophy of the Early Start program is to provide quality, comprehensive, family-centered services that address the unique circumstances of each baby's special needs. Assessment and intake are provided by an inter-agency, multi-disciplinary team to determine eligibility for services. Parents are a critical part of the Individual Family Service Plan team that helps determine eligibility and recommends services. Services provided to the infant and the family may include: vision services, audiological services, assistive technology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, service coordination, special instruction, home visits, developmental programs, transportation, speech therapy, and respite. Contact SELPA for more information, (707) 467-5166.

Positive Behavioral Support

One of the special factors of IDEA is that it requires the IEP team to consider the behavior of the student. If the student's behavior interferes with his/her learning or the learning of others, the IEP team must consider strategies and supports to address the student's behavior. SELPA offers districts, schools and individual classroom teachers assistance in the form of consultation and trainings on Positive Behavior supports and strategies. These supports and strategies can be used with students with challenging behavior as well as with all students to increase their success at school. A partial list of trainings and consultation topics include: Identification of Behavior Problems, Data Collection, Functional Behavioral Assessments, Behavior Plan Development, Classroom Management, Discrete Trial Training, Autism/Effective Teaching Strategies, Professional Assault Crisis Training (ProACT), and others. Contact SELPA  for more information, (707) 467-5166.

ADR and Compliance

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) involves providing alternative means of solving problems that arise between families and schools.  ADR can involve everything from training parents and educators in effective communication and negotiation skills to conducting formal mediations with a Solutions Panel.   The goal of ADR is to reach agreement on the most appropriate services to children and maintain positive relationships between the student's family and the school.  For more information, contact Paula Martin, (707) 467-5172.

Full Inclusion Support

Students who have severe disabilities may attend their neighborhood schools and receive special education services in the least restrictive environment.  The SELPA supports students, families, and school personnel in this effort through workshops, consultation, and program planning.  Contact a Program Specialist at the SELPA Office for more information (707) 467-5166.


The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is the primary federal program that authorizes state and local aid for special education and related services for children with disabilities. On December 3, 2004, President Bush signed the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act, a major reauthorization and revision of IDEA. The new law preserves the basic structure and civil rights guarantees of IDEA but also makes significant changes in the law. Most provisions of Public Law (PL) 108-446 go into effect on July 1, 2005. Contact the SELPA Office for more information (707) 467-5166.

Pupil Count

The SELPA is required to collect student level data twice each school year. This data is used for a variety of reasons at the State level such as funding and accountability. The SELPA provides training, technical assistance and support to district personnel for these important counts. Contact SELPA for more information (707) 467-5166.


The SELPA acts as a liaison to California Children's Services (CCS). CCS provides medically necessary therapy (physical and occupational) services to eligible children with orthopedic challenges.  The SELPA collaborates with CCS to ensure that these services support students appropriately.  Contact the SELPA Office at (707) 467-5166 for more information.

Medi-Cal LEA and MAA

The LEA Medi-Cal and MAA Coordinator works out of the SELPA Office to support local school districts in filing Medi-Cal claims.  The LEA (Local Educational Agency) Medi-Cal program provides reimbursement to school districts for Medi-Cal eligible treatment services that are provided by the schools.  MAA (Medi-Cal Administrative Activities) are activities that assist students and families into medical care or to access Medi-Cal health insurance funding.  Laura Baynham is the coordinator of these programs and can be reached at (707) 467-5174 for more information.

Special Education Preschool Support

The SELPA provides technical assistance and support to local school districts operating special education preschool programs.  Special Education preschool programs are located throughout the county.  For more information about Special Education preschool services, contact a SELPA Program Specialist at (707) 467-5166 or your local school district office.

Program Specialist Services

The SELPA provides general special education program support to district personnel and families through the services of Program Specialists.  Program Specialists serve as resources on special education legislation, IEP processes, service delivery models or other areas based on the needs of the districts or families.  Contact the SELPA Office to reach a Program Specialist (707) 467-5166.

Surrogate Parents

The SELPA facilitates the process of appointing surrogate parents to provide educational representation for students in special education whose parents have had their legal rights to represent their children removed.  Surrogate parents act as parents in the IEP process, attending IEP meetings on behalf of the children to whom they are assigned.  Contact the SELPA for more information (707) 467-5166.

SELPA Library

The SELPA maintains a user-friendly library including a wide variety of books, videotapes, and other resource materials for educators and families.  Some of the topics represented in our library include: Teacher Resources, General Disabilities, Autism, ADD, Multi-Cultural materials, Inclusion and Mainstreaming, Early Childhood-Infant and Preschool, Disability Awareness, Inspirational, Parenting, Discipline, Alcohol and Other Drugs, and Professional Development.  All materials can be checked out for one month from the SELPA Office.  Please contact the SELPA office at (707) 467-5166 for more information or to recommend other books or helpful materials to add to our selection.


The Mendocino County ACCESS team is a multidisciplinary group of professionals from Mendocino County School Districts and County Office of Education staff with expertise in the areas of Assistive Technology and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), as well as the learning/access needs of individuals with a variety of disabilities. This multidisciplinary team meets on a regular bases throughout the school year and typically includes a physical therapist and/or occupational therapist, speech and language therapist, behavior specialist, program specialist and teachers of the visually impaired, deaf and hard of hearing and orthopedically impaired. The ACCESS assessment team for an individual student may be made up of some of the above named professionals depending upon that student's identified needs.
The mission of ACCESS is to provide comprehensive assistive technology assessments to students with disabilities to improve their functional capabilities and increase their ability to access the core curriculum.

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